A Dish Best Served Cold

Long Arm of the Hutt


Hi all,

Great first session. You may have noticed I was running a bit rules light, but next week we will be going a bit deeper with combat.

The next session is going to pick up directly after the last, so there will not be any down time, but in the future we can use the forums to handle that downtime.

So first some background. Before the adventure started each of you were locked up in Teemo’s Palace for non-payment on the loan on the ship. Teemo didn’t care if it was only for Quill, he was going to recoup his money anyway possible. Planning to sell you all to spice labour camps, Teemo was just waiting for Trex to come back from a short hunting trip with his new Wayfarer before he could send you off.

Be sure to check the msgs for you each below.

See you all next week.


“Rules light” was good for me – there’s a bit of a learning curve for me on this one, so starting slow is really helpful! It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to next week!

Long Arm of the Hutt

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