Female Duro Technician/Mechanic


Name: Rek
Player: Lenard
Species: Duro (may add \‘/ to all Astrogation checks they make)
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 1.8m
Build: Slender
Hair: n/a
Eyes: Red
Notable Features: Rek’s skintone is more of a grayish-green than the typical blueish green.

Motivation: Expertise – Be the best engineer she possibly can
Motivation: Droid Companion – get 3-TRD back up and running

Obligation: Betrayal (15) – Corporate/Imperial faction kidnapped parents
Obligation: Addiction (5) – Gambling addiction (Rek rather enjoys a good game of Sabacc…)

Brawn: 1 Agility: 2 Intellect: 4 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2

Skills: Astrogation (Int) 2, Computers (Int) 2, Coordination (Ag) 1, Discipline (Will) 1, Mechanics (Int) 2, Piloting – Planetary (Ag) 1, Piloting – Space (Ag) 1, Skulduggery (Cun) 1, Knowledge – Outer Rim (Int) 1, Ranged – Light (Ag) 2

Talents: Gearhead, Fine Tuning, Redundant Systems, Toughened

Defense: 0|0 Soak Value: 2 Wound Threshold: 14 Strain Threshold: 12

Gear: Heavy clothing, heavy blaster pistol, stimpacks (2), long range commlink, datapad, emergency repair patch (2), tool kit, utility belt, emergency medpac, chance cubes, Sabacc deck, restraining bolts (2), backpack.


“Go to the Outer Rim”, he said. “You’ll be safe”, he said.

Growing up, Rek loved to tinker. She inherited this trait from both of her parents – they were both starship engineers. Rek was often found running around her home station, from berth to berth, playing at being a mechanic herself. Then her world changed, literally.

Rek’s father, Levat, scored a contract with Kuat Systems Engineering, managed to get his wife, Remerel, a job with them as well, and the family moved away to Kuat. On the one hand, this was great for Rek in that she was surrounded by even more fascinating technology. On the other hand, the few friends she had were gone now. Still, life with her parents was mostly happy, and there was always that broken down power droid, 3-TRD.

As the years dragged on, however, the happiness faded. Levat was struggling to come up with a way to complete the project he was working on. His failures cost both he and Remerel promotions that they deserved. Levat had always been a worn looking Duro, but where Remerel had once been a graceful and beautiful woman, she was now a good match for her husband.

Then the day came. Just over a standard year ago, Rek came home after finishing her first semester at college – she was going to become an engineer – and she instantly knew something was wrong. Techs around the landing platform that she had been friendly with hardly made eye contact with her. Finally, she made it to her family’s quarters and found the door hanging off it’s hinges, her parents nowhere to be found. She ran to the neighbours asking what happened – everyone stuck to the official story: no one knew what happened.

After spending some time crying and trying to come to grips with what happened, her one other Duro friend, Bringe, appeared in the apartment. He told her that the human supervisors believed that Levat was intentionally delaying and sabotaging work on the Wayfarer’s cargo module and blamed him for their failures. Bringe had seen the thugs burst down the door, but he had no idea where her parents were, or if they were still alive.

Bringe was the one who both convinced her to flee to the Outer Rim, and made it possible – paying her way to Tatooine. She took some clothes, her tool kit, and 3-TRD, and left everything else behind. She travelled under an assumed name, not knowing if the people who had taken her parents were looking for her.

As bad as Tatooine seemed at first, she soon found her niche. Jonas Quill had somehow limped his way into port, flying a Wayfarer! Having learned most of what she knew from her parents while they were working on the Wayfarer project, she knew these ships like the back of her hand! And, truth be told, Quill’s ship needed a loving hand. Wayfarers are often neglected, rarely respected, and this ship was no different. With 3-TRD thoroughly broken by this point, Rek needed a paying job, and Quill needed a mechanic – and so it began.


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