A Dish Best Served Cold

Long Arm of the Hutt, part deux

Rek's point of view

Well, that was close! We managed to get off Tatooine after being chased by stormtroopers on the ground and TIEs space-side before I managed to get the hypermatter reactor igniter installed, found a system close enough to get to with our limited fuel, plotted the course, and fired up the hyperdrive. I could really go for good game of chance right now…

The relief was palpable, but so was the stench! I started looking for the source of the smell when suddenly Quill was screaming for help on the bridge and <<matt’s><<matt’s>> was standing in front of these odd cell units that were installed and one of them had a Twi’lek in it! Despite Quill wanting to question the prisoner while he was still trapped, <<matt’s>> yelled threats over the comm. Shortly, we had the fighter safely aboard the Hand and the Kubaz that was flying it in custody!

We landed, they offered to fix the ship – I’ve grown attached enough that I’m not really cool with other people touching her, but she really needs a scrubbing! – and we went off to chat with the Twi’leks. After collecting the Kubaz from us (no reward, cheap bastards!), they gave us more details about liberating the mining camp, gave us some stuff to help, provided a speeder, and off we went.

En route, we saw an old Lylek den and just before I could suggest that we explore it, we got shot at. I did my best to control the speeder, but it crashed – I knew I’d have to fix it soon… – but we managed to get into position quickly and start shooting back. The fight went into the cave, the lylex was actually still there and ate a bounty hunter, while the other (a Gand) got away. After gathering up what we could scrounge, we continued on to New Meen. Once there, we learned that some human named Angu Drombb was now the local bully and we set about plans to go confront him. I fixed some broken power supplies around town while the boys rested, and we set out a few hours later.

Quill did what Quill does – he waltzed right into the middle of their compound, all bravado, and managed to convince a few thugs to take us to their leader. Inside the cantina, the tally of thugs rose to 9, plus this Drombb character and the bloody Gand that got away earlier. After Quill failed to convince anyone that we were there for good reason, <<matt’s>s hands, and headed back to spend the trip with 3-TRD and my newfound treasure trove of parts. I know this will be a fast jump, but I might make some headway on my little buddy.



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